We Bake for You because Bread Brings Us Together

Our bread is handcrafted with patient skill and passion, pure and simple.

We work to restore relationship with food, our environment, and each other one batch of bread at a time.

Baking Bread as a Faithful Act

Cypress Bread Co. draws on the imagery of the bald cypress tree. A tree native to the Southeastern US, the bald cypress grows in almost every soil type imaginable, and it is adaptable to both wet and dry conditions and can withstand flooding. Over time, the bald cypress can grow to become magnificent, ancient trees, weathering centuries of challenges, provoking mystery, awe, wonder, and respect.

As a company, we see the bald cypress tree as a model of who we strive to be both as a business and people. We aspire to weather challenges and distortions in our current, industrial food environment, and restore and bring new life to food traditions that repair relationships with the earth and our communities.  

Participating in our Community’s Food System

Throughout the growing seasons, we are inspired by the abundant harvests of our neighbors. We eagerly experiment baking new flavors with seasonal, local and regional ingredients that are at their peak flavor.

As an emerging community-based bakery it's important for us to support our local food economy and culture. Not only because it tastes better and is fun, but because supporting our neighbors contributes to their dreams and livelihoods, as well as the vibrancy and resilience of our community food system.

Here are the farmers, growers, producers, and more whom we have partnered with so far:

CS&S Farms, Cleveland, MS
Angie's Produce, Cleveland, MS
Blocker Homegrown Produce, Beuhlah, MS
Ross Farm, Arcola, MS
Native Son Farm, Tupelo, MS
Cherry Creek Orchards, Pontotoc, MS
Clear Creek Produce, Oxford, MS
Mardis Honey, Oxford, MS
Stark Aldridge Farm, Pontotoc, MS
Hallelujah Gardens, Oxford, MS
Valley of the Giants Farm, Water Valley, MS
Etta Hills Farm, Etta, MS
Cypress Bread Co. Garden, Cleveland, MS

Ryan Betz, Founder and Baker

Ryan discovered a passion and skill for sourdough breads while working as a community food advocate in the Mississippi Delta. Fourteen years of combined education and work to develop community food systems - ranging from public produce gardens, farm to school programs, and farmers markets - encouraged him to devote more time to bring better, healthier, and forgotten food traditions directly to people. In 2017, Betz created Cypress Bread Co. and sold his first loaf at the community farmers market. Now in 2021, he is cultivating the company full time to bake more loaves, one small batch at a time.

Ryan lives in Cleveland, MS with his wife, Kelsey, along with their dog, Duke, and two cats, Jack and Lindsey.

When not baking, Ryan is a musician with his band Betzenzo, who have been featured on MPB, and are core artists with the Deep Roots Project.

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Bread doesn’t get much ‘butter’ than this.

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*Made in a Cottage Food Operation not subject to Mississippi’s food safety regulations.

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